Your Paraplanning Services | Why choose us?
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Why choose us?

The Managing Director, Mrs Louise Worden, joined Vision Independent Financial Planning Limited in the early days of their journey in 2010. She is also fully aware of Vision’s Sister Company, Castle Investment Solutions and enjoys a good working relationship with Vision. This has enabled Louise to grow and develop a paraplanning team with direct experience and an understanding of your Network’s requirements, enabling a tailored bespoke service for Vision Advisers. Benefits of working with us compared to an outside paraplanning firm.

Benefits of working with us compared to an outside paraplanning firm include:


  • We only work with Vision Advisers and their Area Directors. This means we focus and encompass Vision’s compliance standards, including data protection requirements and working within their structure.


  • We have the relevant due-diligence work to be supported and promoted internally by Vision Independent Financial Planning Limited.We have established relationships with Vision’s Compliance Team, Area Directors and Key Partners.


  • We can work within your chosen way of sending data, whether it is through your own internal computer system, Google Drive, Drop Box or Encrypted emails.


  • We want you to feel like we are an extended part of your team, with the hassle and expense taken away of finding your own employees or other paraplanning resources.


  • We want to share Vision’s best practices with you and develop a good working relationship together.


  • The requirements from the FCA and Vision continuously evolve.We keep abreast of these changes and look to provide this value in our reports and Vision documents.

Why Outsource Paraplanning?

If you are looking into outsourced paraplanning services – some of the main benefits include:


  • You can distribute your work accordingly – leaving you time to complete the work you enjoy, or, the work that adds value to your clients or business.


  • You will spend less time on administration, data gathering, research and report writing.


  • You can have all of the benefits of your own paraplanner without having the fixed cost of employing an in-house paraplanner.


  • You do not need to train an in-house paraplanner, which takes time and resources for smaller businesses.


  • You only pay for the paraplanning service as and when you need it.


  • The cost of the service is invoiced to enable tax efficiency to your business.


  • You can have access to an experienced and qualified individual wherever you live in the UK.

For more information please contact the Paraplanning Team on

01803 555055

Flexible Paraplanning to suit you and your business.